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Crowell Elementary School

118 North Avenue 

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-0885

(209) 668-3631 (FAX)

Crowell Staff


Contact Margaret Osmer  Margaret Osmer Principal
Contact Janine Arakelian  Janine Arakelian Assistant Principal
Contact Imelda Karim  Imelda Karim Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Contact Lila Becerra  Lila Becerra Health Tech
Contact Arlette Magallon  Arlette Magallon Secretary I
Contact Veronica (Martha) Pineda-Kuraoka  Veronica (Martha) Pineda-Kuraoka Community Liaison
Contact Liz Rodriguez  Liz Rodriguez Secretary 1
Contact Veronica Welch  Veronica Welch Admin Secretary I

TK/K Teachers

Contact Mary Jones  Mary Jones Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Ami Pascolati  Ami Pascolati TK Teacher
Contact Carmen Sims  Carmen Sims Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Sara Valentine  Sara Valentine Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade Teachers

Contact Nancy Budding  Nancy Budding 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Sophia Godfrey  Sophia Godfrey 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Wendy Langford  Wendy Langford 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Lorena Olide  Lorena Olide 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Teachers

Contact Teri Millsap  Teri Millsap 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Katie Patterson  Katie Patterson 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Greta Pearson  Greta Pearson 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Cindi Schnetzer  Cindi Schnetzer 2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Teachers

Contact Stefanie Dimotakis  Stefanie Dimotakis 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Donna Feldman  Donna Feldman 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Marya Moreno  Marya Moreno 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Kacey Stephens  Kacey Stephens 3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teachers

Contact Deborah Beyer  Deborah Beyer 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Rhonda Blount  Rhonda Blount 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Rowe  Lisa Rowe 4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Teachers

Contact Molly Farrar  Molly Farrar 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Barbara Hemphill  Barbara Hemphill 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Ashley Martins  Ashley Martins 5th Grade Teacher

6th Grade Teachers

Contact Scott Cortez  Scott Cortez 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Lauren Waggoner  Lauren Waggoner 6th Grade Teacher
Contact April Welch  April Welch 6th Grade Teacher

EL Support Teacher

Contact Kelly Villalobos  Kelly Villalobos EL Teacher

Special Education

Contact Rachel Carlson  Rachel Carlson Speech Teacher
Contact Mandy Carranza  Mandy Carranza Program Specialist
Contact Tami Compton  Tami Compton Inclusion Specialist
Contact Perry Creamer  Perry Creamer APE Teacher
Contact Courtney Crooks  Courtney Crooks Autism Teacher
Contact Rina Fernandez  Rina Fernandez Speech Teacher
Contact Arlene Godinez Martinez  Arlene Godinez Martinez Autism Teacher
Contact Jeanette Jacobo  Jeanette Jacobo Resource Teacher
Contact Karen Koenig  Karen Koenig APE Teacher
Contact Taylor Owens  Taylor Owens Autism Teacher
Contact Ron Putnam  Ron Putnam Autism Teacher
Contact Emily Westergren  Emily Westergren Autism Teacher

Music Teachers

Contact Rebecca Hall  Rebecca Hall Orchestra Teacher
Contact Debbie Smallwood  Debbie Smallwood Music Teacher
Contact Olga Weddle  Olga Weddle Band Teacher

Preschool/Head Start Teachers

Contact Megan Brandao  Megan Brandao Headstart Teacher
Contact Penny Garcia  Penny Garcia Preschool Teacher
Contact Dayi Hildebrand  Dayi Hildebrand Preschool Teacher
Contact Maria Luja  Maria Luja Preschool Teacher
Contact Renee Vaga  Renee Vaga Headstart Teacher

Preschool/Head Start Program Specialists

Contact Yvette Madrigal  Yvette Madrigal Program Specialist


Contact Jennell Jensen  Jennell Jensen Librarian


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name. 

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.